Is this your season to clear away some of the blocks and constrictions in your music, and to put the PLAY back into playing music?

As classical musicians, we thrive on the many challenges we face in our art AND in our lives. We live on the edge, conquering one peak to face yet a new and more exciting one. And what we learn from our teachers, our colleagues and our students can open new ways for us to express our love for life and music.

One of my passions has been to explore the connections among mind, body, heart, and music and to share the knowledge I have gained.  Studies of music performance, music history and music theory, alongside studies of the body, psyche, and heart of the musician have been my disciplines.  My teachers have generously shared their wisdom and insight; connections have been uncovered; and the practice room, the concert hall, the classroom, and my teaching studio have been my labs and my playgrounds.

My good fortune has been to share my excitement over this process with over three thousand students in chamber music, orchestra sectionals, private lessons, and yoga classes for musicians. My students delight and amaze me as I witness the varieties of transformation.

This transformation is apparent not just to me, but to other musicians.

  • A singer experiences greater resonance and authenticity in his sound.
  • A composer’s writer’s block disappears.
  • A horn player suddenly brings out her heart in her playing.
  • Another horn player’s upper register opens up, and the low register also develops depth and beauty.
  • Wind players and singers inhale and exhale more effectively.
  • A string player suddenly understands how to coordinate the left hand and right arm.
  • A string quartet suddenly plays more in tune.
  • Musicians gain a wider perspective on life and art, their concentration improves, and they feel more grounded and aware in performance.

All these things are possible, along with greater ease and comfort, more effective and efficient practice, and greater pleasure and satisfaction.

If you would like to experience your own personal transformation, and are willing to put in the effort to make it happen, send me an message so we can determine whether we would make a good match.