Musicians—professionals, amateurs, and students—can always learn new ways to improve, and ways to play with more ease. My experience performing, studying, practicing, and teaching have created a unique insight into what can help you. Each person is different. Desires, strengths and challenges vary, so there is no recipe for getting better. I can help you capitalize on your strengths, uncover your authentic and beautiful sound, and bring more ease to your practice and performance. If you need a kickstart, a new direction, are feeling stuck, or just want some different input, email me and we can talk.

What I offer:

  • Over four decades of experience playing solo and large and small ensembles.
  • Over four decades of experience teaching individuals and groups how to practice and perform more successfully.
  • A unique integration of training and experience in musical performance, musical scholarship, yoga, Alexander technique, psychology, the Taubman Approach, vision therapy, meditation, and other techniques that bring health, ease, and excellence to performance.
  • A compassionate yet demanding outlook. I believe that if you want it, you can do it!

What you need:

  • An established daily practice of at least one hour a day, or a commitment to create that practice.
  • Curiosity about the body/mind/heart/music connection.
  • An open mind about trying new things.
  • You are willing to DO THE WORK!

Call me to meet for a thorough assessment of your playing and recommendations of where to go from here. From there, we can determine whether to meet again, or regularly, to build a practice that complements and boosts the effectiveness of your music practice.